Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Age? 21
Height? 5'9"
Weight? uh since I packed my scale up I won't know until thursday. hopefully around 145 after this fast.
Lowest Weight? 121
Highest Weight? 182
What weight do you want to weigh? 120 to 125lbs
What eating disorder do you have? anorexia

In Depth
How many calories do you eat in a day, on average? Less than 400, currently on a fast so zero.
Do you throw up your food on occasion? Never. I am physically unable to make myself throw up. Not for lack of trying though.
Do you want to look like a supermodel/actress? Not any particular one. I just want to look like me, but skinnnnyyyy!
Are you in some sort of extracurricular sport, ie soccer or track? Tennis, going to the gym.
Has anyone ever teased you about your weight? Never teased, but definitely commented on.
Have you ever fasted? If so, for how long? I love fasting...longest fast was 21 days with absolutely no food.
Do you take laxatives to get rid of food/calories? On occasion to cleanse. I like laxative tea better because it's gentler.
Are you 'inspired' by models/actresses? Yes.
Have you ever been hospitalised for your ED? Nope.
Have you ever ingested Ipecac to induce vomiting? Never.
Have you ever tried to recover from your eating disorder? Not willingly.

Body Image Q's
Do you constantly see yourself as fat, even though others say you are not? Yes. But they don't see me naked, they only see me clothed and I try to wear flattering clothes.
What part of your body would you change? 1) Thighs-make them skinnier. 2) Stomach-toned, no love handles.
Do you judge your value/merit solely on your weight/body? Never really thought about it like that.
Because of your body appearance/weight, have you become severely depressed? Not severely, but I've definitely been depressed from a combination of things including my body.
Do you constantly compare your bodies to supermodels/actresses? Yes, always.

Do you think you eat healthy enough? If by healthy you mean not at all, then yes. And when I'm eating its mainly veggies, small amounts of fruit, and protein.
Are you morbidly afraid to eat carbs? Carbs are evil.
Fat grams? Fat is even more evil than carbs
Calories? Over 500 calories is scary.
Are you often tired/fatigued? A lot of the time.
Do you feel more energized after eating food? No! I feel fat and gross.
Do you eat meat? Rarely.
Do you eat your food in a certain way? Slowly, chewing 15 times for each bite, unless I'm bingeing and then I gorge myself and it's sickening :-(
Do people tell you you look sick or famished? Not since I was 121lbs.
Have you ever thrown up blood? No.
Is your heart bpm above 49? Yes.
Do you have fainting spells from lack of eating? I get really dizzy a lot when I stand up, but I've never actually fainted, although I've been extremely close many times. I know how to stop fainting from happening.

Other Stuff
Do you think the media is at fault for the prevalence of eating disorders? Definitely, they're the ones promote thinness.
What's your opinion of Pro-Ana? Pro Pro Pro :-)
Do you have any other mental disorders?
What's your favorite food to eat? um nothing? if i had to choose I'd say cucumbers.
Favorite drink? Unsweetened Iced Tea or Hot Tea depending on if I'm hot or cold.
Do you often wish you didn't have an ED? I wish I were naturally really skinny, but if this is what I have to do, then I have to do it.
Do you want to recover? That's like asking me if I want to be fat and the answer to that is NO!


  1. How old were you when you were 121lbs? If you don't mind me asking.

  2. i was 17 just starting my senior year in high school...it was 3.5 months after i had become very ana...i think i might have some pictures somewhere...i'll try to find them

  3. Some very interesting little windows into your life! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. That would be cool if you'd like to share. And yeh thanks for posting =)

  5. Thank you for sharing S.
    Love the boots thinspo, thanks!