Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still fasting :-) Still packing :-(

Phew, I haven't eaten a single thing since last monday night 7/20! I just want to be skinnnnnyyyyyy damnit. I can't even weigh myself until I get home on Thursday night because I packed up my scale. I should have left it out but I really really really just need to be done with this never ending task of packing up this stupid shithole lol. So I ran around like a maniac today...went to class this morning (almost overslept whoops), got my test back that I took last week, I only got an 82 and I was really pissed cuz I thought I did well on it. I hate when that happens, but oh well I think I still should have an A in the class because everything we do gets graded and I have A's on everything else. After class I went tanning, then I washed my extremely dirty car so now it looks white again instead of gray haha. I came back to my apartment and read for an hour, then I went and reserved a storage unit for all my stuff to go into, bought an unsweetened iced tea from McDonald's which is the only thing in that godforsaken place that doesn't have calories, and now I'm laying in bed relaxing and I just finished a really cute book called Lovehampton by Sherri Rifkin, I definitely reccommend it. Tonight I'm going to finish packing the rest of my random stuff and then tomorrow I get to have two guys help me move it into storage, clean the apartment and study for my chem final. Can't wait for Thursday afternoon so all of this stress will be lifted off my shoulders. I just want foooood but I can't can't can't! :-(


Oh and here's some boot thinspo for Nic at A Lovely Casualty


  1. Oh thankyou so much, how very kind of you! Wow thats a crazy long fast, I hope you reach your target goal, thats very good of you for staying so strong! I would have been tempted to buy ice cream at mcdonalds lol. Goodluck with class, I hope you get that A. I know the feeling, B's upset me too.

    And if you have the urge to binge, try and fill up on fruit. Avoid fatty things and keep it up!

    you are so busy
    keep up the good work
    i cant wait to hear what you weigh :)