Thursday, July 23, 2009

sooo busy

Ugh sorry I haven't written in a while. Anyways, in my last post I talked about a dress that I got at Michael Kors and my mom took a picture of me in it on my phone (crappy quality) so I posted it here, tell me what you think! I know I look enormous so don't comment on my weight haha! So the reason I haven't been posting is because I've been so busy with school, planning to move out, finding furniture for my new apartment and between those things the only other thing I've had time to do is sleep and go tanning. I know it's so bad for my skin, but tanning just makes me happy whether its laying outside or going to the salon. Either way it makes me nice and warm and I look thinner when I'm tan! I've been fasting ever since I got back to school, so far no food Tues, Wed or today and will continue until I get home next Friday. I'm too scared to weigh myself after this past weekend. I know the number is not going to make me happy, so I'll weigh myself right before I leave for home. Need to not slip up again, I'm so annoyed with myself!



  1. I think you look very pretty in that dress. The shape and colours are nice and it's flattering on your body.
    Keep strong!

  2. Oh my, that dress look so good on you. And your legs is like sooo skinny! <3
    Hope your fast is going okay, you are really strong. I don't think I could ever have fasted for so long.
    Stay strong :D

  3. Thanks so much for the comment! :)
    And I totally agree.. Why do we rely on these tests and stuff when we know there is something wrong with our bodies but we have to wait for someone to verify it?

    Anyways, ill be posting tomorrow with some very good news. :D

    p.s. very cute dress ♥