Saturday, July 18, 2009

home is the good life

I love love love love being home with my mom and my friends. I've missed them so much and I've been spending every waking second with them. I got home thursday night and hung out with my mom and best friend and her boyfriend who slept over at my house because her parents are strict about the whole sleeping situation. I was good about food and only had a salad. Friday we woke up and my mom made us breakfast, eggs and bacon and toast. I had a little bit of eggs and half a piece of bacon and lots of water. My mom then took me shopping at the outlets so we were walking around for 4 hours so I burned some calories haha, and she bought me some really nice clothing including 4 things from Michael Kors :-) and 2 pairs of shorts from J. Crew. My mom hasn't been feeling well, apparently she got lyme disease a few days ago but she's on antibiotics so she's feeling better, so I made her dinner that night. I made a big salad with lettuce, slightly steamed broccoli, carrots and cucumbers and I grilled a piece of steak for us to share and sauteed some mushrooms. I ate the salad and had 3 very small slices of steak. That night we went to the bars for my best friends 21st, and it was a lot of fun except for her mom was being a complete bitch and I'm ready to just have my friend move in with me because the situation is getting a little ridiculous and it makes me sad that she has to deal with it 24/7. Today we went to the pool and laid out for like 4 hours and swam around, but then she had to go home and work in her neighbors barn and her own, but we made plans for her and her bf to come over later so they could have a really good homecooked meal and time away from her mom. However, her mom stopped that quickly because she apparently hates me and my mom and is trying to keep her daughter away from us because she has too much fun at my house. So my friend and her boyfriend show up at around 11pm exhausted and frustrated with the whole thing and pretty much eat, drink a little, watch some tv with me and then they passed out which was completely understood. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. We're supposed to go and ride her horses which will be fun as long her mom stays the hell away from us, because if she says one word to me I think I might snap. But all in all, I've been doing pretty well with controlling my food intake, I haven't been as strict with my calorie counting, but I also haven't been binge eating at all. I have been on the move these past couple of days so anything I do eat definitely gets burned off. We shall see when I get back on the scale, but hopefully I will be the same weight as when I left. If not I'm not gonna freak out, just fast and work out and things will snap back. Gotta stay positive because if not it might turn into a binge and that just equals more weight gain and it's a downward spiral from there. So girls, stay positive and believe in yourselves! Just say no to bingeing haha.

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