Saturday, July 25, 2009

no food, no food, no food....

That is my mantra for the next week! My other mantra is "packing, packing, packing," getting ready to move all of my stuff in this apartment into a storage unit so I can go home for August before I have to move my stuff into my new apartment! So excited and seriously, packing and cleaning are amazing workouts. I don't know exactly how many calories they burn but yesterday I think I ran up and down my stairs about 20 times, hauled 5 boxes that were about 25-50 pounds each around my room, suitcases full of winter clothes, and scrubbed my entire bathroom (good arm workout). I know its not straight cardio or anything, but boy does it keep your mind off food! I think I might reward myself by going jewelry or makeup shopping today, I just don't know what to do with all this money I'm saving by not buying food and not eating! Anyways, thanks for the comments girls and keep up the good work...think thin always!



  1. Well, sounds like you are keeping busy!

  2. Thanks for you're comments!
    You are so lucky to have an apartment at you're own. I wish I lived alone, cause' everything would be sooo much easier then.
    And as you said washing +++ is such a good exercise!
    Stay strong hon<3

  3. sounds like u had a serious workout! Lifting and moving things around are great exercises indeed! Keep up the great work!

  4. I like to do the dishes or clean my apartment when I'm too lazy to workout and it definetly keep ypur mind out of the food!